Partner Offer: ICT and embedded software

Read in CORDIS: Italian based company Akhela, specialized in offering consultancy, engineering, development, testing and management services in the fields of IT and embedded software seems interested in finding partners …Leer más »

Partner Offer / Technology and Content for VR and MR Environments, Simulation …

Read in CORDIS: German spin-off company project: syntropy, specialized in highly immersive virtual and physical attractions for simulation and training, communication and marketing as well as entertainment, events, art and …Leer más »

Partner offer / Security technologies, biometrics and RFID

Read in CORDIS: UK based Global Security Intelligence Limited is preparing a project proposal under the Topic ICT-SEC-2007-1.0-02 “Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability; Modelling and simulation for training”. They …Leer más »

Partner Search: Building-up AI Environments

Read in CORDIS: The Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphis is looking for partners to work on the building-up of Ambient Intelligence environments. They are specially interested in development of innovative self-organizing …Leer más »

Partner Search: Privacy-friendly RFID system

Check out this Partner Search at CORDIS: Friendly Tecnologies Ltd. is looking for partners to develop hardware to be used in the “Privacy-Friendly Radio Frequency Identification System” they have designed. …Leer más »

Partner Offer / Chemical engineering, wastewater treatment and electrochemistry

Check this Partner Offer at CORDIS: a research group at the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Mersin (Turkey), specialized in chemical engineering, wastwater treatment and electrochemistry seems interested …Leer más »

Partner Search / Data analysis, SW and interface design to improve mobility

Read in CORDIS: The University of Central England in Birmingham is launching a project called “Sensory Cushioning, Automated Posture Control and Active Therapy for the long term seated elderly” (SCAPCAT). …Leer más »

Partner Offer / Biomedical engineering, biological signal processing …

Check this Partner Offer at CORDIS: Clever Technologies s.r.o., Czech spin-off specialized in fields such as biomedical engineering, biological signal processing, telemetric system, wireless communication and embedded systems seems interested …Leer más »

Partner Offer / Remote sensing and GIS specialists

Check this Partner Offer at CORDIS: Forest DS (FDS), specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing Technologies seems interested in finding partners for european collaborations. Original post by …Leer más »

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