Conferencias invitadas

Lars Neumann
Patient-specific devices - 3D printed, powered by software
Lars Neumann
Population-averaged design of medical devices
Ian Watson
Exploiting, Microalgae and Biomass Gasification
José Santos-Victor
Experiments with the iCub: modelling oculo-motor control and understanding object affordances
Pekka Simell
Biomass gasification technologies
Davide Scaramuzza
Vision-controlled Micro Flying Robots
Enrique Ángel Pelayo Campillos
Introducción a DEEP LEARNING
Alberto Wisniewski Jr.
La Energía del PEB - Investigaciones para mover el Brasil
Benjamín Martínez Elizalde
Audio-Concept features and HMM for multimedia Event Detection
Fred J. Vermolen
A suite of mathematical models for wound healing and ingrowth processes
Sara Checa Esteban
Agent-based computer models in tissue regeneration
Giovanna Della Porta
Sinergic approach of growth factor sustained release and dynamic bioreactor flow on hMSC osteogenic differentiation into 3D alginate scaffolds
Mark Potse
Computer Modeling to Understand the Failing Heart
María Gacías Campillo
Sistemas avanzados de asistencia a la conducción
Stéphane André Nicolau
Virtual and Augmented Reality for Laparoscopic Surgery Guidance