Conferencias invitadas

Lukas Burget
Deep Neural Networks in Speaker Recognition: another Quantum Leap in the Field?
João Freitas
Articulation in Multimodal Silent Speech Interfaces
Noam Lior
Sustainable Energy Development: Brief Highlights of the Present Situation and Possible Paths to the Future
Ying-Dar Lin
Sharing Experiences on International Academic Services and Research
Pere Roca-Cusachs
Understanding the cell-extracellular matrix mechanical link: from molecular roles to emerging behaviours
Mateo Valero
Proyecto Romol: Runtime Aware Architectures
José María Ferrero
Bioelectricidad y modelado multiescala del corazón
Xavier Trepat
The forces that drive cells
Vincent Lepetit
Image Features for Robust Registration
Sucharita Mitra Sarkar
Data Embedding, Compression, Transmission and Processing of ECG Signal
Stefan Williams
High resolution seafloor surveying using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Giampiero Salvi
Biologically Inspired Methods for Automatic Speech Understanding
Nuria Vilaboa
Nanotecnología y aplicaciones biomédicas. Terapia génica
Miguel Canellas
Radiaciones ionizantes en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de enfermedades
Daniel Navajas
Cell and extracelular matrix biomechanics