Conferencias invitadas

Ebru Oral
Addressing challenges in joint arthroplasty by modulating the properties of UHMWPE
Roel Westerhof
Pyrolysis research at the University of Twente
Maarten Kootstra
Phosphate Farming; recycling P in intensive livestock farming
Mª Pilar Martín Duque
Biología de células troncales y terapia celular
Nicholas Roy
Autonomous Micro Air Vehicle Flight
Paul M. Newman
Large Scale Long Term Urban Navigation using Vision and Laser
Jonathan Courbon
Integrated Mapping and Navigation System for Mobile Robots
Bert van Rietbergen
Biomechanics of Bone Structure and Strength: from in-vivo to in-silico analysis
Mark Cummins
Computer Vision in Google Goggles
Guido Tosello
Micro injection moulding high accuracy three-dimensional simulation and process control
Viggo Tvergaard
Ductile Failure at Intermediate, High or Low Stress Triaxiality
Silvia A. Nebra
Integración térmica de las plantas de producción de etanol y energía eléctrica, considerando la inclusión del proceso de producción por hidrólisis enzimática (etanol de segunda generación)
Hai Wang
The next-generation model for soot formation: challenges and opportunities
Antonio Palavra
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Aromatic Plant
Jean-Michel Lavoie
Advances in Biorefineries: Adaptation of biomass conversion process to the chemical nature of the feedstock