The Group of Electronic Design (GDE) is one of the research groups of the Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A) that has been registered as Grupo Consolidado de Investigación (Quality Research Group) by the Regional Government of Aragón. Its members carry out research activities focused on design of mixed-signal integrated circuits. They are involved in teaching undergraduates at the Science Faculty and the Polytechnic Engineering School. They participate in the interuniversity post-graduate programme Electronic Technologies of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications. The members of the group also collaborate in many activities, including scientific conferences, summer courses and seminars. Further, GDE is also heavily involved in promoting collaborations and coordinated projects with industries, other research groups and national and international networks.


GDE members carry out basic and applied research focused on the Mixed-signal integrated circuits and signal processing for communication and electronic instrumentation. Main research lines for the group are: microsensors and microsistems, mixed-signal ASICs, intelligent instrumentation, artificial neural network and analogue signal processing. The basic research is being supported by publicly funded research projects and applied research with national and international companies via contracts.


The main research line mentioned before is focused on the Mixed-signal ASIC design. In this research we intend take advantage of the presence of digital systems to a point where the stages dedicated to analogue signal processing are more robust and versatile. This concerns exploring synergetic analog-digital solutions to achieve a mixed-signal processing of the information: a continuous-time signal processing with control of processing parameter by means of digital programming.
The activities converge into two main lines of action according to the frequency range of application. For baseband processing systems, high precision is usually required which comparable to that obtained by means of digital part. It will then be necessary to further design, high performance active elements. On the other hand, for high frequency systems, moderate precision will suffice, though these must be a guarantee of frequencial behavior and dynamic range independent of the digital word. The design strategy proposed is general and therefore fairly independent of the technology employed. We however choose its accomplishment with standard digital CMOS technologies, although, we also explore the potential of SOI CMOS technology.

Other research lines pointed out above microsensors and microsistems, intelligent instrumentation, artificial neural network and analogue signal processing.


GDE is located at the Science Faculty building in the Plaza de San Francisco campus. There we have the offices of the professors, Ph.D. students and administrative staff. There, it has two research laboratories of about 60 m2 each, meeting rooms, library, workshop and a teaching seminar. Laboratories include workstations and CAD for microelectronic design and sophisticated instrumentation for the characterization and test of the ASIC prototypes. All together constitute the Centre of Mixed-Signal ASIC Design (CDAM).


GDE is involved in different research projects from regional and national institutions. The research activities of the group are mainly sponsored by the Spanish Research Program and the Regional Government of Aragón. We also provide guidance and consultancy services to interested companies in the fields of Electronic Instrumentation and mixed-signal ASIC design. Our overall budget is approximately 100.000 € per year, excluding the salaries of our permanent staff.

Estructura y personal

Our staff includes one full professor, three associate professors, three assistant professors and four Ph.D. students sponsored by the Spanish Research Program and several postgraduate students from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications at the University of Zaragoza. There are other external collaborators from Development Department of the EPSON Microelectronics and Université Catholique de Louvain.

Responsable del grupo

Santiago Celma Pueyo

Miembros del grupo

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