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Torres Quevedo Building; María de Luna, 3; 50018-Zaragoza (Spain)


The Manufacturing Engineering and Advanced Metrology Group (GIFMA) is a member of the Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A) and has been recognized as a Grupo de Investigación Consolidado (Quality Research Group) by the Regional Government of Aragón. In the current marketplace, technological development and growing globalisation forces companies in the industrial sector to focus on the continuous improvement of productivity and innovation. For this reason, the main challenge of GIFMA is to develop, optimise and automate industrial innovative manufacturing and inspection techniques and systems.


The group has maintained long term relationships with other universities, technological centres and companies in various industrial sectors in terms of research, development and technology transfer. We can mention the following: - Important productive sectors: automotive industry, aeronautics, trains, machine-tools, metal-mechanical and mould industries, etc. We work to optimise processes and productive systems to increase flexibility, quality and productiveness. - Companies dedicated to instrumentation, precision mechanics, mechatronics, metrology services, etc. In the field of manufacturing metrology, we offer support to develop procedures or equipment assessed by certification and accreditation boards. - Companies or sectors of emerging products: promoting new companies and products or transferring the results of research to manufacturers of new machines or instruments for assembly line production. This has also generated new companies and laboratories with a high R&D capacity.


In the last five years, the main lines of research have focused on the following: • Manufacturing metrology: development of measuring and calibration methods for quality control and production systems verification. Optimisation of the measuring with Coordinate Measuring Machines, calibration and traceability analysis. • Mecatronics and microtechnologies: design, manufacturing and calibration of systems and prototypes for manufacturing and – contact of non-contact - high-precision measuring. Developments in precision mechanics and microtechnologies. Industrial vision. 2D and 3D measuring applications.
• Manufacturing and integrated quality: integration of the production planning, quality and maintenance; quality assurance and continuous improvement; statistical process control and capacity analysis; quality in design and development of new products. • Computer integrated manufacturing: CAX/CIM systems; rapid prototyping, reverse engineering; manufacturing processes optimisation and automation.

Some of the projects carried out in the last years have been: • Design, manufacturing and calibration of a movable articulated arm to measure vehicles body chassis. • Design, manufacturing and calibration of a high-precision analog probe to be used in coordinate measuring machines. • Development and calibration of a non-contact high-range coordinate measuring system based on tracking vision for machine-tool verification.


Our facilities are located in the Torres Quevedo Building. The working area has a surface of about 1000 m2, with about 400 m2 for the teaching and research equipment. Especially relevant is the Precision Mechanics Workshop and the Laboratory of Manufacturing Metrology, that provide services to the researchers at the University of Zaragoza and to the most advanced companies in the field.


GIFMA participates in several publicly and privately funded research projects and networks (European, national entities). Our volume of contracts and projects in research, development and innovation is around 300.000 euros/year, excluding the costs of contracting staff.

Estructura y personal

The members of GIFMA include six associate professors (one of them, Juan José Aguilar, group coordinator), five assistant professors and several researchers carrying out their PhD who belong to the Department of Design and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Zaragoza.


Torres Quevedo Building; María de Luna, 3; 50018-Zaragoza (Spain)

Group manager

Jorge Santolaria Mazo

Group members