Proyectos de investigación

En esta sección puede consultar diferentes Proyectos de investigación desarrollados por miembros del i3A. Restrinja sus criterios de búsqueda para acotar los resultados:

2nd International Meeting on Cleaner Combustion (CM0901- Detailed Chemical Models for Cleaner Combustion)
2nd International Meeting on Cleaner Combustion (CM0901-Detailed Chemical Models for Cleaner Combustion)
3DFF three dimensions flex fluidicis
3rd UHMWPE International Meeting. Segunda Fase
7th Staff Studies Symposium
8th Green Chemistry Conference
A European approach to Geoss
A european collaboration on development and application of particle image velocimetry between industry, research organizations and universities
A european collaboration on development, quality assessment, and standarization of particle image velocimetry for industrial applications
A general purpose building block software for the simulation and the thermoeconomic analysis of dual purpose power and desalination plants
A joint program to improve PIV performance for industry and research
A participative Roadmap for on ICT Research in Electronic Government and Policy Modelling
A study of ac losses in (Bi2-xPbx)Sr2Ca2Cu3O10±d/Ag tapes relevant to industrial power applications
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