Characterization and quantification of cardiac repolarization shape parameters


Ramirez, J; Laguna, P; Pueyo, E

Año: 2012


Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controls inner functions such as blood pressure of heart rate. Changes of the ANS could generate changes in the repolarization. A total of 11 subjects (11males and 4 females) were examined by means of a Head-up Tilt Test trial consisting of 4 minutes in supine position, 5 minutes in an orthostatic position at an angle of 70° and 4 minutes back in the supine position. Electrocardiographic signals were recorded by a Biopac® and delineated using a beat-to-beat multi-lead (ML) method. ML consists in the vectorcardiogram (VCG) projection over the optimum direction generating a pseudo wave with the best characteristics, depending on the onset, peak or offset of multi-lead marks. QT and Tpe series were computed for both techniques. Finally, QT/RR and Tpe/RR adaptation lag were measured.

Palabras clave

electrocardiogram ; arrhythmia ; signal processing ; PCA ; delineation