Internal reports

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Full Scaled 3D Visual Odometry from a Single Wearable Omnidirectional Camera
Gutierrez-Gomez, D; Puig-Morales, L; Guerrero, JJ
Year: 2012 Ver documento
Analysis of the autonomic nervous system through barorreflex sensitivity processing during hemodialysis
Hernando, D; Bailon, R; Laguna, P; Sörnmo, L
Year: 2012 Ver documento
Characterization of the volatile composition of Quebranta Pisco by gas chromatography-olfactometry and chemical analysis
Moncayo, L; Cullere, L; Cacho, J; Ferreira, V
Year: 2012 Ver documento
Application potential analysis of auxiliary energy supply solutions for dish-Stirling systems
Quintana, JL; Monne, C; Alonso, S; Moreno, F; Munoz, M
Year: 2012 Ver documento
Characterization and quantification of cardiac repolarization shape parameters
Ramirez, J; Laguna, P; Pueyo, E
Year: 2012
A New Multiple-Output Resonant Matrix Converter Topology Applied To Domestic Induction Heating
Almazan, F; Lucia, O; Acero, J; Burdio, JM; Carretero, C
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Workflows with Model Selection: a Multilocus Approach to Phylogenetic Analysis
Alvarez, J; Blanco, R; Mayordomo, E
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Comparison Of Algorithms for UWB Indoor Location and Tracking Systems
Choliz, J; Eguizabal, M; Hernandez, A; Valdovinos, A
Year: 2011
Reflectance-based Image Segmentation
Garces, E; Gutierrez, D; Lopez-Moreno, J
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Random-walk model of Cell Migration, Proliferation and Differentiation. Validation with in vitro cultures of muscle satellite cells
Garijo, N; Manzano, R; Osta, R; Perez, MA
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Isothermal Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of 1,8-Cineole with Ethanol or 1-Butanol at Ten Temperatures between 278.15 K and 323.15 K
Gimeno, B; Mainar, AM; Perez, P; Urieta, JS
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Performance evaluation of mode-locked erbium-doped fibre lasers in optical sensor networks
Lavieja, C; Jarabo, S
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Analysis of sotalol-induced effects on cardiac electrical activity
Marin, A; Pueyo, E
Year: 2011 Ver documento
Modelado cinético para el proceso Steam-Iron mediante ajuste integral de datos de lecho fijo
Plou, J; Duran, P; Herguido, J; Sanchez, JL; Peña, JA
Year: 2011 Ver documento
On the Performance of Maximum Likelihood Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Ratia, H; Montesano, L; Martinez-Cantin, R
Year: 2011 Ver documento
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