I3A - Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón

Success Cases

I3A researchers work closely with local and national companies, generating more than 100 new projects under collaboration agreements or contracts every year. Choosing specific success cases to illustrate the technology transfer potential of the Institute is complicate, but we have wanted to show one or two success cases per division, based on their interest or impact.

Processes & Recycling

Catalysis, Molecular Separations and Reactor Engineering Group (CREG) has developed through a project supported by the National R + D an innovative type of chemical reactor.

Since 2000, the GUIA group (I3A) works closely with ARTIBAL, a micro-SME located in Sabinanigo (Spain), and since 2002 with Repsol, a Spanish Company with different sites in Spain, for the developm

Industrial Technologies

The Power Electronics and Microelectronics Group (GEPM) of the I3A has worked in the research and developement of six generations of domestic induction appliances, developing a technology leader in

VALEO TERMICO S.A., fully in line with the continuous innovation of vehicle manufacturers and the gradual introduction of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the automotive sector, ha

Biomedical Engineering

Technology Communications Group (GTC) in conjunction with the company Técnicas Radiofísicas (TR) has been working in the research and development of recent radiotherapy techniques.

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