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Initiatives are specific strategic projects promoted by the I3A and involving collaboration between groups and/or divisions of the Institute. Initiatives are created to address specific issues of regional, national or European strategic interest or to work on subjects initiated by clusters or business sectors. The aim is to bring together research on cross-cutting issues able to generate economic development or that have a strong social component. Initiatives currently active:

  • Eletrical micromobility: The I3A presented its work on business opportunities for smart vehicles in Aragon, carried out in collaboration with the Automotive Cluster of Aragon (CAAR). This will result in the start up of the “electrical microbility” project, a niche in the market where ICT and components manufacturers in Aragon can develop joint projects with the support of the I3A in order to access a market in which a million vehicles a year are already being produced.
  • Smart Cities: Taking advantage of its specialist knowledge in subjects connected with energy, the Processes and Recycling Division is participating in two joint projects (JP) of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA): Bioenergy and Smart Cities. In particular, the I3A is participating in the Smart Cities JP as a Full Member and is coordinating one of the four subprogrammes within the JP, “Urban city related supply technologies”.
  • Assistive Technologies: The I3A has a number of researchers working on various assistive technologies whose results have applications for people with a physical or mental impairment and also for the elderly and chronically sick. Significant projects include our collaboration with the Aragon organisation for the physically disabled (DFA) in the development of a new concept of electric powered wheelchair and the signing of an agreement with the Regional Education Authority for research into assistive technologies and the development of tools designed to assist communication with children with difficulties.
  • Advanced Audiovisual Technologies: The development of audiovisual and multimedia technologies is another area of great interest for the I3A. Subjects related to the processing, organisation, presentation and access of all types of information and data in any multimedia format (voice, data, images, graphics, etc.), multimodal interfaces, voice recognition and musical creativity, massive hypermedia data management, 3D visualisation, computational photography, virtual and augmented reality, image editing and processing, computer vision, and the design of geographical information systems (GIS) are the most important. The areas of work within the general line of research include ICTs in culture and leisure, voice recognition, Internet in the future, 3D visualization and computer vision. 2014 saw the completion of the TAMA project, financed by the Government of Aragon. 
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