I3A - Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón

Singular Labs

The institute comprises a relevant number of scientific and technical laboratories to accomplish its research work. Additionally, there are some key infrastructures to develop leading and multidisciplinary research:

The HERMES supercomputing centre is the scientific infrastructure most heavily used by I3A researchers. Up to 19 research groups use it on a regular basis. HERMES is necessary due to the increased complexity of simulations performed in cutting edge I3A research projects.
The biomechanics laboratory basically consists of a high precision motion detection system accompanied by a set of devices that allow complete biomechanical studies to be carried out.
This pilot plant consists of a fluidized bed reactor with a 15 kg/h processing capacity and all the necessary ancillary equipment. It can operate with continuous feeding of biomass and fluidizing agents.
The Impact Laboratory of the University of Zaragoza is a Laboratory of the Aragón Institute for Engineering Research (I3A) and it is located in TechnoPark (MotorLand), Alcaniz (Teruel) Spain. Its activity focusses on impact testing of components and systems that affect the safety of car occupants and other road users.
The Tissue Characterization Laboratory provides the study of the mechanical and microstructural behavior of the materials, with emphasis on biomaterials and biological tissues.
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