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Public & Private Collaboration

The I3A has four main ways to collaborate in R&D projects with industry, national, regional and local governments and other kind of organizations.


Direct contracts: R&D is carried out by the researchers or groups of the I3A by means of the funds provided by an organization (company or institution) .


Collaborative research: R&D is performed by the I3A and an organization (company or institution) being the costs of the project shared by both institutions. Very often it means that the requiered funds to support our research have to be applied somewhere, tipically by regional, national or european programs. For key projects with a great interest for us, the I3A may also finance the project. The initiatives are one specific kind of collaborative research.


Non-oriented research: Basic R&D is performed entirely by the I3A using funds obtained elsewhere. Organizations (companies or institutions) may want to participate by observing the development of the project or the obtained results. In some cases, this could imply sponsoring the I3A or the group.


Agreements: sometimes it is necessary to sign some kind of agreement in order to develop a project with the help or collaboration of an organization (institution or company). In the majority of cases these agreements will not imply any cost for the organization as it represents a collaboration between two partners in similar conditions, but in specific cases, when the agreement is promoted by an organization, it could be necessary to fund the project or sponsor the Institute or group.


Confidentiality: The I3A may use a nondisclosure agreement to protect a company's proprietary information when collaborating with us and are also used to provide companies with I3A information considered confidential.


Most of these agreements and contracts are managed by the UZ Office for Transfer of Research Results (OTRI)

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