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ISAAC LabInteractive Systems, Adaptivity, Autonomy and Cognition Laboratory
The “Interactive Systems, Adaptivity, Autonomy and Cognition Laboratory” (ISAAC Lab) is one of the research groups of the Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A). We have been accredited by the Government of Aragón.
From a scientific point of view, our group aims to uncover the principles and mechanisms that govern different cognitive functions by developing computational models (“understanding by building” methodology) and analyzing how humans behave in experimental settings. Creativity, problem-solving skills, motivation, perception, evolution, decision making, adaptivity, communication and social intelligence are some of the topics addressed.
From an applied perspective, the goal is to create interactive environments and intelligent technologies to address societal challenges promoting collaborations and coordinated projects with industry and scientific national/international networks. By using insights from multiple scientific disciplines and exploiting artificial cognitive modelling techniques, the objective is to design computer-based artifacts that can solve engineering problems, interact with humans and serve society in multiple ways.
Our group is also committed to scientific knowledge exchange activities, including the organization of conferences, summer courses and seminars, coordination of collective experiments and scientific cultural engagement.
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