I3A - Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón

Tech Support

The I3A has a tech support service covering several areas:

  • HERMES (I3A HPC cluster) support.
  • High Performance Computing scientific technical support (algorithm design, job distribution, performance analysis).
  • Web server (to host I3A's groups websites).
  • Alfresco (I3A documentation) support.
  • Videoconference systems (using our Polycom / OpenMeetings deployment).
  • Basic tech support (hardware & software maintenance).
  • Tech purchasing.
  • Research groups technology support (mobile devices, development software ... and any tech related needs our groups may have).


The tech support team can be reached in GLPI: I3A tech support systemhttps://web.i3a.unizar.es/glpi/  (remember that you must use your Unizar mail login / password).

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