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Wearable Computer Vision Systems dataset
This dataset is designed to evaluate different popular wearable computer vision systems, understanding by that cameras that are worn by a person, somehow mounted or attached to a human body, but not necessarily with the same point of view than the user.
This dataset is being released in the context of the ICCV 2013 Workshop on Wearable Computer Vision Systems.  During the acquisition of this dataset, several camera systems are worn simultaneously by 5 different users in 2 different scenarios. The goal is to acquire different perspectives of typical actions and activities performed indoors by an individual. Each trajectory performed by each of our volunteer users includes recordings from:
  • an omnidirectional camera mounted on a helmet (helmet including IMU measurements)
  • a RGB-d camera mounted on the head front
  • a mobile phone camera with a wide angle lens mounted on the chest
  • a wide angle camera mounted on the head front
All users traverse similar places and perform similar activities with small variations and different order. More details on each of the components on the dataset in the README files included with it.
Coming soon! Annotations of actions, activities and places traversed along the trajectories.
Please, if you have any questions or issues to use the data, contact us:
Robotics, Perception and Real Time Systems Group. Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería en Aragón. Universidad de Zaragoza.
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