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VEHIVIALNew technologies for vehicles and automotive safety

The Group of New Technologies in Vehicles and Road Security is officially registered as Applied Quality Research Group (Grupo Consolidado de Investigación Aplicada) by the Regional Government of Aragón (Gobierno de Aragón). Besides its research activity described down these lines, VEHIVIAL is directly involved in teaching activities at the Higher Polytechnic Engineering School (Centro Politécnico Superior, CPS) and the Universitary School for Technical Industrial Engineers (Escuela Universitaria de Ingeniería Técnica Industrial, EUITI) and participates in the departmental Doctoral Program in New Technologies in the Automotive Engineering.

The members of VEHIVIAL participate in many activities and forums, including R&D projects, scientific conferences, courses and seminars. Finally, VEHIVIAL is also deeply involved in promoting collaborations and coordinated projects with other research groups and departments, and national, European and international networks.

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