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ID_ERGOResearch & Development in Ergonomics
ID ERGO is the Ergonomics Research and Development group, belonging to the Aragon Engineering Research Institute (I3A) of the University of Zaragoza, is part of the Bioengineering Area and has obtained recognition as a Consolidated Applied Research Group of the Government from Aragon. Our activity focuses on the field of Ergonomics; multidisciplinary methodology that aims to adapt the products, systems and artificial environments to the needs, limitations and characteristics of the users. In short, it tries to accommodate the workplace to the worker and the product to the consumer. The application of the Ergonomic methodology provides tangible benefits in the Company since by carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the physical and emotional aspects:
  • It significantly reduces accidents and injuries in the work environment.
  • Increase productivity by improving the quality of work life.
  • Improves the usability of designed products.
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