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GPTThermo-Chemical Processes Group
The Thermochemical Processes Group (GPT, as in Spanish: Grupo de Procesos Termoquímicos) develops its work within the Aragón Institute for Engineering Research (I3A), one of the research Institutes at the Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain).
Since the foundation of the group, back in 1983, we have been focused on studying thermochemical processes for the valorisation of residues, specifically by pyrolysis and gasification, although research lines on other processes such as combustion (gas phase reactions dealing with contaminant generation), pulp and paper or biodiesel production are also active.
The group has also developed a vast research activity on developing kinetic models for combustion processes in gas phase. These models can be accessed and downloaded here.
In summary, the main objectives of our research work are to contribute to the scientific knowledge of thermochemical processes, as well as the design, development and optimization of pilot and demonstration plants using this scientific knowledge and expertise.
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