Young Researchers Day

Imagen de las jornadasThe Aragon Institute for Engineering Research (I3A) has been holding the Young Researchers' Conference every year since 2011. A meeting point to publicise the work carried out by those who are doing their doctoral theses at the I3A.

The sessions are organised around the four areas of the Institute: Biomedical Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Processes and Recycling, and Industrial Technologies.

By organising this forum, the I3A aims to raise awareness of the work of young researchers, opening up channels of communication and promoting internal and external knowledge of the Institute's activities.

The Young Researchers' Day is also an opportunity to get closer to the work of the youngest researchers and their first contributions to science of the many that they are sure to make throughout their professional career.

This is where knowledge, talent, training, a commitment to the future, the desire to continue learning and all the enthusiasm necessary to research, provide solutions and solve problems, but also to prevent situations in a world in constant evolution come together.

Every year, many papers are submitted to this conference and are then published in an electronic book that can be accessed from our website..