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Research needs to be funded in order to meet its objectives. Most of our funds are used to pay researchers that are working with us or completing their PhDs. Without sufficient funds, it is very difficult to improve and obtain cutting edge results. Beyond the R + D projects supported by companies, we believe that there are opportunities for sponsoring our activities. Sponsorship is a means by which an organization can maintain a stable relationship with a group, division or even the Institute as a whole, financing part of its activities and becoming a partner in matters of common interest. There are three levels of sponsorship:


  • Sponsorship of activities: the company or institution funds a number of activities of common interest, including the development of specific projects or research lines of interest to the company. The company has access to the research undertaken by the group and maintains a privileged relationship with it. One standard possibility at the UZ is sponsoring the well-known Catedras (chairs), although there may be other possibilities.  


  • Sponsorship of research grants: a company funds a research grant for a student pursuing his or her PhD on a topic of interest to the company. Research grants need to be active for 3/4 years for the student to complete the PhD. Apart from the fact that the student (and the research group) works on subjects related to the company’s interests, he or she will be the best candidate to continue the research in the company. 


  • Corporate sponsor of the Institute: an organization funds the Institute and becomes part of its advisory board, being able to propose new activities and research topics that can benefit the organization in the long term. Although the benefits of this privileged relationship with the I3A are not necessarily apparent in the short term, we think that this kind of sponsorship can represent an important long-term strategic objective for an organization interested in becoming a partner of the Institute.
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