I3A News

The Aragon Institute of Engineering Research promotes its activity with the creation of laboratories in virtual reality, circular economy, appliance technologies, photonics, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and personalized medicine
Students from different countries have participated in this research project of the M2BE group, an Innovative Training Networks action
During six months, 10 students will be part of the Aragón Institute of Engineering Research, tutored by a researcher, within their Master's Final Project
The computational method in which the BSiCoS research group works has been recognized at the international congress Computing in Cardiology
Researchers from the I3A, at the University of Zaragoza, have been working for a year on a project that will provide transparency and automate the current system
This is one of the actions of the European project Trafair, in which they work to understand traffic flows and improve air quality
The European Union, through Marie Curie grants, supports new creative and innovative research projects to transfer knowledge and ideas to the society.
Promoted by the HowLab research group of the I3A, it predicts the availability and quality of groundwater, through scientific knowledge based on the union of hydrogeological physical models with advanced technologies
The Computer Architecture Group of I3A launches this citizen science project with the Ibercivis Foundation, funded by the FECYT
During six months, they will be part of the Aragón Engineering Research Institute, tutored by a researcher, within their Master's Final Project
The objective has been to solve the “sticky client” problem: a wifi device remains connected to a router, missing the opportunity to connect to a closer one, which would provide a better coverage
Se cofinanciarán ocho Contratos Puente de Investigación para participar durante seis meses en un proyecto, tutorizados por investigadores del I3A
Investigadora del I3A, en el Grupo de Ciencias de la Computación para el Modelado de Sistemas Complejos (COS2MOS), se pone ahora al frente de la Asociación Científica Computability in Europe
El investigador del I3A Jorge Júlvez forma parte de un proyecto de investigación en el que tratan de identificar vulnerabilidades de este coronavirus para facilitar el desarrollo de fármacos
Manuel Doblaré es investigador I3A, acaba de ser nombrado presidente del Patronato de la Fundación IMDEA Materiales: “No podemos competir con otros centros europeos en países de mayor tradición y presupuesto en investigación”
Ana Serrano, investigadora del grupo Graphics&Imaging Lab del I3A, ha sido la única española que ha recibido este año el premio en esta categoría.