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The I3A in numbers

The I3A currently has 448 professional members including 266 PhD members and 176 associate members (research fellows, hired staff and graduate lectures). These researchers are grouped into 33 research groups recognized by the Government of Aragón. 

  • In 2018, 305 new projects worth EUR 10.5 million were carried out by our researchers.
  • We have published 267 papers in international journals indexed by Journal Citation Reports, 56% of them in Q1.
  • The number of patents granted this year was 15. There are also a significant number of published patents awaiting registration, which together with new applications make a total of 32 applications this year.
  • 34 PhD theses supervised by members of I3A in the last year. 


These numbers and more can be seen in detail in the I3A Summary Annual Memory .
(All data are referred to 2018)

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