Geographical-based information modeling

The representation of reality arises from different fields that may or may not (generally not) have formalised models for its representation. In this sense, we are working in carrying out on the inference of underlying models, their alignment with existing ones and the interoperability among them.

On the other hand, and from the point of view of the representation of the models and geographic information, the research group is committed, as opposed to the usual raster and vector models, to a third way, which are the DGGS. The Discrete Global Grid System is a standard developed by the OGC whose objective is to improve the way in which geographic data is georeferenced without having to handle projected coordinate systems. The standard tessellates the Earth in a hierarchical, pyramidal sequence of hexagons of equal area covering the entire spherical surface with increasing resolution. This approach lays the foundation for more effective integration of geographic information into artificial intelligence tools.