UNITA Automn Scool Sun2C "Solar energy for buildings: from components to cities" (deadline for applications is September 30)

For the second year ruuning, USMB is organizing an autumn school on solar energy for Master2 and PhD students.

The autumn school is called SUN2C "Solar energy for buildings: from components to cities". Please find attached a description and the programm of the school.

The school is part of Unita's RE hub activities, even though we are in a period of transition between unita1 and unita2. It will take place from November 20 to 24, and will be the subject of a BIP, which will enable it to receive funding from the European Union. This BIP is co-organized with UNITO (Nadia Barbero), UVT (Nicoleta Stefu) and UNIZAR (María Paz Comech).

The deadline for applications is September 30.
20 places are available for Erasmus+ scholarship holders.