Farewell, Professor Silva, Manolo

Manuel Silva Suárez died yesterday in Zaragoza. He devoted 43 years to teaching and research and stood out for his humanist and social facet.
Manuel Silva

We woke up yesterday to the sad news of the death of Manuel Silva, professor at the University of Zaragoza, member of the Department of Systems Engineering and Computer Science (DIIS) of the School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA) and researcher at the I3A.

But talking about Professor Silva is much more, those who know him well highlight his involvement, perseverance, capacity for work, closeness, passion and humanity in everything he has done throughout his professional life, "43 years dedicated to the University of Zaragoza, where he has been an initiator and an explorer of paths", said Cristian Mahulea, director of the DIIS at the tribute ceremony that the University of Zaragoza held last year to coincide with his retirement.

Last year, the DIIS, the department to which Silva was so closely linked, also recognised his involvement in the Ebro River Campus. As part of the recognition of his extensive and important work, the seminar of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Engineering bears his name. Yesterday, was opened a space on his website so that all those who wish can leave their condolences, which will be passed on to his family and to the one who will be responsible for his death. can be accessed from this link.

Manuel Silva Suárez was an industrial engineer and dedicated 43 years of his life to teaching and research at the University of Zaragoza. "Master of masters", said the director of the DIIS, Cristian Mahulea, highlighting his contributions to national and international scientific activities, while emphasising Silva's "perseverance" and his "passion for what he does".

Considered "one of the fathers of the School", as José Antonio Yagüe, director of the EINA, put it, Professor Silva was a "tireless worker with a great strategic vision".

In that act of homage, Pablo Laguna, director of the I3A, pointed out "his energy, universality, positive ambition and a man of long lights" and also recalled the humanist and social facet of Manuel Silva, as can be seen in his many publications.

"Tempus fugit" said Manuel Silva. Difficulties were never an obstacle to fight for what he believed in.

Today, this School of Engineering and Architecture in which he put so much effort and the entire I3A says goodbye to him with great sadness. His legacy and his work, his personal and professional involvement, his love for knowledge and its transfer to society, his encouragement of young people, and a long etcetera, all of which are part of his memory.

Farewell, Professor Silva, Manolo.