SCAMA project wins the Aragón eHealth Open Innovation Summit

Driven by the IDERGO research group, they have created a digital tool based on motion capture to reduce joint injuries in workers.
Javier Marín

The IDERGO research group of the Aragon Institute for Engineering Research (I3A) has just won the Aragon eHealth Open Innovation Summit award for its work on the SCAMA project, a motion capture system with a technology similar to that used in cinema and video games, but, in this case, portable and which provides a better understanding of musculoskeletal problems arising from work.

The event took place on Monday 24 October at CIEM Zaragoza, which hosted the first Open Innovation meeting between startups and digital health companies in the Ebro Valley, attended by around 100 people.

The Aragón eHealth Open Innovation Summit, organised by Grupo Init and open to startups and projects from all the regions of the Ebro Basin, received 30 applications from Aragón, Euskadi, Cantabria, Catalonia, La Rioja and Navarre. These eHeatlh solutions were examined by a jury made up of executives from renowned corporations linked to the social and healthcare sector, such as Grupo DKV and Aon from the insurance sector, Novaltia Sociedad Cooperativa and COFARES from the pharmaceutical sector, Grupo Social ONCE, Grupo Hospitalario Hernán Cortés and Biosalud Day Hospital, Laboratorios Argenol, CPA SALDUIE, Qida (home-care), MAS Prevención, DNV, Residencia Campo Romanos, the investment funds Clave Capital and IUNCTIO España, Ibernex and AREX Aragón Exterior (Government of Aragón).

The researchers Javier Marín Boné and Jose Javier Marín Zurdo, promoters of the SCAMA project, have obtained recognition with an acceleration process linked to companies in the world of digital health and healthcare. Pedro A. Pardo, manager of the entrepreneurship unit of the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento, proclaimed SCAMA the winner of the Aragón eHealth Open Innovation Summit.

Developed by the IDERGO research group of the University of Zaragoza, SCAMA, a digital tool based on motion capture to reduce joint injuries in workers.

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