ServetVII: 7 citizen science projects take off into the stratosphere from Ateca

Two large helium balloons rose to the stratosphere, up to more than 25,000 metres and reached the Hoya de Huesca, allowing data to be taken from various scientific experiments.

The citizen science project #ServetVII arrived in the town of Ateca, Zaragoza, on Saturday to experience its most awaited moment: the launch of the 2 balloon probes that went up to a height of more than 25,000 metres. The balloons, equipped with 10 capsules designed and built by citizen scientists, allow data to be taken during their ascent to the stratosphere, developing various scientific experiments.

They were launched around 12 noon and were picked up in Hoya de Huesca, two hours later, in perfect condition. With this launch, it was possible to successfully test a safety system consisting of cutting the thread that connects the capsule string to the balloon, when exceeding a certain latitude, to prevent the balloon from reaching the Pyrenees.

"All the citizen scientists and the organisation are very satisfied with the experience and now all that remains is to complete the experimental work on the ground," explains Natalia Ayuso, a researcher at the I3A who was in Ateca on Saturday. She, together with the whole Servet team, also thanked the Ateca Town Council and the IES Zaurín Secondary School for all the help received and the local population who came to see and participate in the activity.

"The good reception and the good results encourage the Servet team to continue working on the project, which continues with Servet VIII where they will count on the participation of schools from all over Spain," he added.

Servet Natalia Ayuso, from the RoPeRT research group, Luis Manuel Ramos and Enrique Torres, both from the GAZ group, were in Ateca on behalf of the I3A.

Servet is a citizen science project, in which the I3A (Aragon Institute for Engineering Research) participates, involving a whole community of enthusiasts of astronautics, space travel and anything that moves more than 12,000 metres above sea level. The initiative has been such a success that it has now reached its seventh edition. Over the last few weeks they have been proposing, designing and manufacturing their capsules and experiments, which were launched on Saturday in the balloons until they reached the stratosphere.

Those who came to Ateca to witness the launches were able to learn about the details and preparations beforehand, chat with those responsible for the capsules and follow the route of the balloons until their re-entry into the Earth from the stratosphere.

Servet is supported by the Ibercivis Foundation, the University of Zaragoza through the Aragon Engineering Research Institute (I3A), Etopia Art and Technology Centre, the CESAR Laboratories in Etopia, the Ateca Town Council, the IES Zaurín, the Union of Spanish Radio Fans and financed by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology - Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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