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The BICISENDAS project will develop new bike lanes that will integrate new technologies from multiple sectors to help increase comfort, safety, the environment and communications around the bike lane, and in this way contribute to promoting sustainable transport. This proposal introduces the concept of modularity and integration of different technologies to create a personalized bike lane according to the needs of each city.

Work will be done on environmentally sustainable materials to develop new structural materials, from the recovery of industrial waste and by-products, for the manufacture of two module options: permeable and waterproof, each one being able to integrate different technologies. Thanks to the superficial permeability of the bike lane, rainwater from peak rains can be led into the module and treated in situ using biodecontamination techniques for its potential use in the vicinity. Photocatalytic materials will also be used to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

To increase user safety, work will be done on a new concept of photoluminescent, intelligent, self-sufficient and efficient signage, based on sensorized devices, which allow communication and processing of data collected from the bike lane to locate users at all times. of the bike lane, as well as warn of possible incidents or dangers that may occur (sensors for detection and warning of invasions of the bike lane by both vehicles and pedestrians). These systems will use the energy generated in the cycle lane itself by means of integrated systems and by wind turbines (mini-wind energy) integrated in the environment of the cycle lane. To complement these technologies within a Smart Society, ICT functionalities that digitally transform this smart lane will be incorporated. An ecosystem of IoT technologies and vehicles will be created with which users will interact through an application, improving the safety conditions of the bike lane.

The consortium is made up of the companies FCC Construcción (leading company), FCC Ámbito, Idneo, Implaser, Plásticos Compuestos S.A., TEX - Obras y Servicios and Tradia.