Integration of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Establishment of the Reference Price of Pork Meat

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In this context, the Binéfar Agricultural Market leads this Cooperation Group proposal with the intention of laying the foundations for the development of a pig price market based on artificial intelligence techniques.

In this sense, three basic objectives are set:

  • Identification and characterization of the variables that may be relevant from the point of view of an automatic price proposal.
  • Design and implementation of an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows a reference price proposal to be made taking into account the previously identified variables.
  • Development of a prototype of a management system in the cloud that enables the capture of the values ​​to be assigned to the referenced variables, as well as the integration of the previous calculation algorithm.

The Lonja Agropecuaria de Binéfar is the first reference of Spanish beef, and extends throughout Europe. This prestige is now put at the service of an attempt to take the relevance of the pig sector in Aragon to a much more advanced level.