Next-gEnerATion dAta Management to foster suitable Behaviors and the resilience of cItizens against modErN ChallEnges

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In this project, we tackle data management issues to help citizens face modern challenges. It is motivated by the fact that the development of suitable data management techniques to help citizens in their daily life is more important than ever, as the world-wide context is imposing a high penalty on the quality of life of citizens. We believe that, by designing appropriate data management techniques, we can contribute to a better daily life for people and also to foster suitable behaviors in such a way that the existing modern challenges that we face as a society can be managed.

We will tackle the development of solutions that adapt naturally to the distributed nature of the environment, based not only on traditional optimization metrics but also taking into account other aspects that are particularly important in our modern society, like sustainability, ecofriendliness and fairness; thus, for example, we will consider the energy consumption, the efficient exploitation of the available resources (servers, mobile devices, the edge and the cloud, etc.), and how using the proposed techniques in some scenarios could lead to a better use of the natural resources and a reduction of pollution, while maximizing the efficiency and satisfaction of users.