Design of pervasive gaming experiences for intergenerational social and emotional well-being


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The proposed project is a disruptive vision of the intergenerational relations in the actual society. We have the previous positive results of the project TIN2015-67149-C3 (JUGUEMOS).

Childrens with special and non-special needs share interactives scenarios in a natural way. So we are doing a “natural” social integration using pervasive games for all children independently of their characteristics. We can extrapolate these results to all members of a family or a society? Older people represent a growing proportion of the world population. Digital entertainment is a motivation and remove physical and social frontiers. With this objective in mind, this project focuses in the design of pervasive gaming experiences for all. The inclusion of older and young people users opens the door to the consideration of questions such as technology acceptance and personalization to take into account their diverse cognitive and physical abilities or even the way they interact each other. Gender and ethical considerations become very relevant. Usability evaluation with the older adults, focusing on affective evaluation, and the application of co-creation techniques with such diverse collectives with so different abilities and motivations arises as well as important issues to study.

Referencia RTI2018-096986-B-C31