Avicenna Days: a Free, Online, In Silico Healthcare Event"- 10-11-12 Oct 2023

The 2023 Avicenna Days will bring together regulators, scientists, researchers, industry and academia leaders to update the entire healthcare community on recent progress and achievements related to the adoption and deployment of in silico methods. Prestigious delegates from the entire in silico community will present, debate, inspire and engage with the audience to accelerate medical innovation through Computer Modeling and Simulation (CM&S).

The programme foresees the following topics:

    Day 1: “Uncovering the regulatory pathway” - Focus on Regulatory
    Day 2: “Building reliable models” - Focus on in silico Research
    Day 3: “Involving and serving the Patients” - Focus on Patients and Clinicians

The event will take place in the mornings "Americas' Time", afternoons "Central European Time" (from 14 to 18.30)

Who should attend?

  • Any leader intrigued by the rapid evolution of in silico methods, especially for regulatory approval;
  • Any academic or industry researcher who wants to be updated on in silico medical and pharmaceutical innovation;
  • Any scientist (R&D) and regulatory affairs professional interested in digital evidence and willing to learn more about this trend.
  • Clinicians and patients associations wanting to discover how in silico method can ease and accelerate the diagnosis, personalize the therapy, help patients to have better quality of life.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn recent advances supporting in silico methods for research, regulatory and clinical activities, on the medical device, bio/pharma and treatment fields.
  • Update on academic, industry and regulatory leaders’ visions and timelines for larger scale adoption of in silico medicine.
  • Ask questions, express concerns, debate with experts and peers about important, immediate next steps to combine health care innovation and better patient safety.

Registration link: www.eventbrite.be/e/avicenna-days-2023-tickets-603423183987