Webinar "Simulation driven surgery planning for ophthalmologists" (Tuesday 11 January, 2022 at 5 pm CET)

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Simulation driven surgery planning for ophthalmologists, presented by Dott. Harald Studer

The webinar will take place on Tuesday 11 January, 2022 at 5 pm CET

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Optimo Medical AG, a Swiss medical technology and IT cloud company, develops and offers computational modelling applications for patient-specific planning and optimization of complex surgical interventions in the human eye. Their core technology – the software system Optimeyes™ – can create a digital, virtual copy of the individual patient's eye inside the computer. With this so-called “digital twin" operations can be simulated as a dry run; this allows adjustment and optimization of surgical parameters during the planning phase. The digital twin technology is based on sophisticated biomechanical equilibrium calculations, executed with the Mechanical finite element software package.
With this technology, it has become possible to simulate various human eye interventions and predict the surgical outcome, individually for patient’s eyes. The first clinical application in cataract surgery has been CE-certified as a medical device and is used in daily clinical practice of eye surgeons. Dr. Johan Blanckaert, Ophthalmologist from Belgium: "Before I started using Optimeyes, I was forced to work with statistical models. With Optimeyes™, I am now able to work with a patient-specific approach, which is a real game-changer within the industry."
Since its founding Optimo Medical has won several important Swiss entrepreneurial awards for innovation and technology. The digital twin core technology will be an integral part of future products and therapies. This webinar intends to deliver a showcase of how FEM Methods can be combined with clinical applications to improve surgery outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

BIO: Graduated in Computer Science and in Biomedical Engineering; PhD in Biomechanics; Optimo Medical AG co-Founder;

Dott. Harald Studer is a leading expert in the field of corneal biomechanics, numerical simulations of cataract and refractive surgery, and eye surgery outcome prediction.