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CREGCatalysis, Molecular Separations & Reactor Engineering Group
The Catalysis, Molecular Separations and Reaction Engineering Group (CREG), is a research group formed by teachers from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Ph D students from the University of Zaragoza . The group was recognized by the DGA (Government of Aragon) as a research group of excellence in 2005. Its research includes topics related with Chemical Engineering and Material Science:
  • Chemical Reactor Engineering
  • Catalysis and Nanocarbonaceous Materials
  • Nanostructured materials
The group, which was initially focused in Chemical Reaction Engineering, has evolved to new topics, including Catalysis, Nanocarbonaceous Materials: Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofibres, Hydrogen Production and Separation Technology, Membrane Reactors, Zeolite Membranes and New Nanostructured Materials.
The research laboratories are spread in several buildings: Research Building (Zaragoza), Engineering School ( Zaragoza ) and Polytechnical School (Huesca).
Our mission is to use our expertise in Chemical Engineering and Material Science to develop new scientific and technical advances, in the service of our economical, industrial and social environment.
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