Aragon Hydrogen Foundation Award for a TFM of the Fluids and Energy Engineering Laboratory (LIFEn)

Pablo Bañares Suescun, a graduate in Industrial Technologies, won this year's award for Best Master's Thesis for his ‘Study of the combustion of hydrogen-methane mixtures in partial premix burners’.

One of the prizes awarded by the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation this year went to the Master's Thesis by Pablo Bañares, which was carried out at the Fluids and Energy Engineering Laboratory (LIFEn) of the I3A Unizar.

In this fourth edition of the awards, the IDOM Prize for the best TFM was awarded to Pablo Bañares Suescun, for his work ‘Study of the combustion of hydrogen-methane mixtures in partial premix burners’, as part of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering of the EINA at the University of Zaragoza. This TFM was carried out entirely at LIFEn, under the supervision of Álvaro Muelas and Javier Ballester, trying to experimentally characterise the changes that occur in partial premix methane (CH4) flames when H2 is added, as well as to explore advanced monitoring options using optical and electrical signals from the flame. The study has been carried out using commercial domestic burners, as well as a prototype burner, developed entirely within the framework of this TFM, designed to perform experiments under controlled conditions.

Pablo Bañares studied a degree in Industrial Technologies and completed his training with a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. LIFEn ‘gave me the opportunity to get involved in the development of the research activities they carry out. The project allowed me to address a topic of great interest such as the use of H2 in partial premix burners, and I also had the opportunity to surround myself with researchers who supported me throughout the development", explains Pablo Bañares.

‘The prize is recognition of the interest of the project and the work carried out at LIFEn,’ he says after receiving this award from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation. In his case, ‘a recognition of the effort made in different areas in which I have had to apply different concepts of the degree, such as the development of electronics for data capture, image processing, mechanical design of a burner or the analysis of combustion’. And he is pleased to see how various knowledge acquired during his studies can be applied in a specific research study.

Now, he has just started a new stage, his first steps in the world of business, and he is doing so at IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture in the Energy area, ‘where I hope to continue developing professionally’, he points out.

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Photo: Fundación Hidrógeno Aragón