The Aragon Institute for Engineering Research awards the "I3A Distinction" to Tercer Milenio

A recognition to this supplement of Heraldo de Aragón for its work during 30 years to give visibility to research and to the people behind scientific achievements.
Pilar Perla

The journalist Pilar Perla Mateo will receive this year the "Distinción I3A", as coordinator of Tercer Milenio of Heraldo de Aragón, a supplement which is awarded this recognition for contributing in its pages to give visibility to the research work, in general, and to the Aragon Institute for Engineering Research (I3A Unizar), in particular.

Every year, the I3A awards a prize to those who stand out for their links with the Institute, for their support to research groups, transfer to companies or for the visibility of their research. In this case, the commitment to science has been valued, giving a voice to so many researchers who have passed through Tercer Milenio, a joint work with the aim of transferring information to society in a rigorous and close way.

Pilar Perla Mateo coordinates since 1994 the science, technology and innovation supplement of Heraldo de Aragón, Tercer Milenio, which is now celebrating its 30th anniversary. The "Distinción I3A" will be awarded in the course of the IV Jornada del I3A y de la XII Jornada de Jóvenes Investigadores e Investigadoras on 15 June in the Bentancourt Building of the School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA) of the Río Ebro Campus at 17:30.

To talk about Tercer Milenio is to talk about a publication that has always built bridges between science and information. They have never wanted to be a current affairs supplement and have always opted for analysis. It was launched on 8 June 1993, and from the very first day it has been a supplement for readers, produced in collaboration with researchers.

Its pages cover the history of science, the milestones that have taken place over so many years. A supplement connected to society, addressing from science social realities such as migrations, but also cinema or television series; exploring the surroundings of a news item, going beyond and asking questions, contextualising and searching for stories.