In silico three-dimensional modeling of the interaction between tumor cells and mesenchymal stem cells in a BioMicrogel Extracellular Matrix

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Cell culture is a complex process that involves stimuli, cell-cell and cell-matrix interaction. The minimal variation of these parameters, which are correlated with each other, can alter the lineage and cell viability. In recent years, computational computer modeling is advancing exponentially. The application of these techniques in the field of mechanobiology is essential to predict optimal culture conditions in such a way that vital cellular processes can be controlled.

On the other hand, recent developments in smart biological materials complicate the control of the cell culture process. In particular, the simulation of materials formed by microparticles of equal or smaller size than cells or by microparticles combined with microcarriers proposed as extracellular matrices (ECMs) in the project is a real challenge. In silico modeling can help to fine-tune the local conditions of the cellular microenvironment, which are practically impossible to determine by experimental means.

In this sense, the numerical modeling tools combined with the experimental results greatly simplify the experimental study of these processes through their potential for productivity and the ability to solve complex problems, presenting significant savings in time, resources and resources. costs.