Data 4.0: Challenges and Solutions

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The "Data 4.0: Challenges and Solutions" project focuses on challenges and solutions for what we call Data 4.0: the fourth revolution in data management, which in addition to being "big" and / or "smart" requires new processing solutions and exploitation in demanding scenarios of a whole new range of applications unthinkable a few years ago in scenarios of different nature.

The global project is a coordinated project between 4 universities (University of A Coruña, Polytechnic University of Madrid, University of the Basque Country and University of Zaragoza). In particular, at the node of the University of Zaragoza we focus on the mobile computing area, fundamentally addressing the following 2 challenges:

  • Data exploitation in mobile environments, which implies obtaining and exploiting useful information in wireless computing contexts, evaluating the relevance of the data produced and filtering them based on the user's context (location, activity being carried out, etc.)
  • Management of the semantic heterogeneity of the data, which implies creating mechanisms that discover and make explicit the meaning of the data 4.0, that is, that represent the real meaning of the accessible data, help users to express the type of information they are looking for, and consider those meanings to answer queries, the ultimate goal being to provide users with exactly the useful information they need.

Reference TIN2016-78011-C4-3-R

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