Zero Energy Habitable Mobile Modules in Europe

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Construction of an energy self-sufficient habitable module based on 20-foot containers and fueled with hydrogen produced with clean energies to build bases for European armies. It will be modular and removable and will allow a process of decarbonization of the European armed forces to begin.




It will be tested in Zaragoza, Riga (Latvia) and at the Gabriel de Castilla Scientific Base in Antarctica.

  • Participating entities: CUD, Fundación de Hidrógeno, BHaus y ARPA

cudFundacion H2bauhausarpa

  • Financing entity: European Comission. Department: LIFE and H2020 Energy, Environment, Resources.
  • Convocatoria: LIFE 2019: LIFE Climate Change Mitigation projects. Proyecto: LIFE 19 CCM/ES/001327