Plastics industry injection workshop

The TIIP, faithful to its initial vocation, continues to specialize and equips itself with equipment aimed at the development of sets of plastic and hybrid parts, addressing the problems of:

  • Functional analysis and development of mechanical assemblies with plastic components and other materials (incorporation of new CAD-CAE software).
  • Development of new injection and auxiliary processes.
  • Development and application of new materials.

At the training level, it has three generic lines of activity, a continuation of those started 20 years ago.

  • At the university level, its commitment to an Official Master's Degree in Polymers, its processes of transformation and product development, within the University of Zaragoza, currently pending processing due to the general situation of Higher Education. However, it is provisionally committed to an Own Study, smaller in its format, but with a marked industrial orientation.
  • Continuous training through courses aimed at improving the production of injection companies, both general and "tailor-made".
  • Internationalization with collaboration objectives in related areas such as Latin America.

The group continues to collaborate with the CSIC in training and research activities, as well as being a reference center for different technologies and equipment. It is recognized by the Government of Aragon as a "Consolidated Group of Applied Research", receiving thanks to it a small support for its maintenance from European funds, although more than 80% of its financing corresponds to resources generated with its own work. in projects and activities with companies. It retains the support of ANAIP, EUPC, MATEU and SOLE, PTC among others, maintaining R&D programs with some leading companies in the sector for more than fifteen years.


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