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There are different types of cancer that cause alterations in bone tissue, such as osteoblastoma, osteosarcoma, or multiple myeloma among many others. Multiple myeloma (MM) is a type of blood cancer that affects the bone marrow. 80% of MM patients suffer from osteoporosis, osteolysis or bone fractures at the time of diagnosis. This osteolysis leads to the development of random bone defects in the bone structure. Its diagnosis is very important and follow-up treatment is essential. Therefore, the objective of this research project is the development of a multidisciplinary in vivo - in vitro - in silico platform for personalized bone regeneration therapies in patients in complete remission of bone tumors and multiple myeloma to allow faster restoration of bone tissue in patients. After the cure of these patients and the complete remission of the tumour damages, the most limiting problem to continue with their normal life is the bone alterations produced.



To achieve this objective, the project will integrate several skills and technologies: definition of specific biomarkers of image, in vitro experimentation with cell cultures, in vivo experimentation on an animal model (rabbit), multi-scale finite element modelling of bone regeneration, magnetic resonance and medical image analysis. In short, the final product of the project will be a predictive software for the estimation of the bone response after the placement of the porous structures in the different bone defects generated by bone cancers such as MM, osteoblastoma or osteosarcoma