Grupo de Diseño Electrónico

The Electronic Design Group (GDE) is one of the research groups attached to the Industrial Technologies division of the Aragon Institute for Engineering Research (I3A). The team, which is recognised as a "Consolidated Research Group" by the Government of Aragon, focuses its research activity on the design of high-performance analogue and mixed-analogue ASICs in CMOS technology and other emerging technologies, with special emphasis on parametrisable and placeable cells and their applications for telecommunication systems, wireless sensor networks and electronic instrumentation. The group teaches in the Faculty of Science and the School of Engineering and Architecture (EINA). Members of the group collaborate in various activities including scientific conferences and summer courses and seminars. In addition, the GDE is heavily involved in collaborations and projects with industry, with other research groups and in international networks.

At present, the group is made up of 7 PhDs attached to the University of Zaragoza, 6 external PhDs, 7 PhD students and a support technician.