Robotics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

The Robotics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence group (RoPeRT) is one of the research groups of Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A), which has been considered as a Quality Research Group (Grupo Consolidado de Investigación) by the Regional Government of Aragón (Gobierno de Aragón).

It hosts 59 researchers and has expertise in mobile and manipulation robotics, perception systems, computer vision, cooperative, communications based on ad-hoc robotics for rehabilitation, and brain-computer interfaces. The group participates in several European and national projects and is a international reference in Robotics research.


Research lines


Real-Time Mapping from Endoscopic Video

Mapping of regions of importance is fundamental to interact with the environment, from satellite maps of glaciers to functional maps for GPS navigators. Autonomous vehicles also work by matching visual data to an existing map which needs to be constantly updated and extended. Now,
EndoMapper is developing a similar mapping system to support endoscopic procedures like colonoscopy, tumour biopsy, or even targeted drug delivery. To accomplish their world-first, the team must tackle the challenge of modelling non-rigidity. Unlike roads and byways, the body's
tissues and organs are prone to change as the endoscope moves. Taking advantage of new non-rigid mathematical models and machine learning, endoscopy may soon enter the realm of augmented virtual reality and autonomous navigation.
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